Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can petunia plants in OH live all year long, if so how would I care for them?

I have seen some petunia plants survive a mild Ohio winter, but usually they die with the first frost. If it doesn't get cold and the plant is covered with mulch, it may make it through the winter.

The easiest way to save a plant is to put it in a pot and take it indoors for the winter.

Can petunia plants in OH live all year long, if so how would I care for them?
Although technically they are perennials, we treat them as annuals here in North America. (The original plant came from Argentina.)

No, a petunia plant will usually not overwinter in a northern climate like Ohio has.

I have had luck bringing a potted petunia inside and placing it in a sunny window sill. It bloomed freely and was planted successfully outside again in the spring.

Petunias will set seeds and these seeds will overwinter in a northern zone, but the plants they produce the following growing season will not flower like those of the parent plant -- petunias grown like this revert back to a viney plant and colors seen in wild petunias (white and lavender).
Reply:No, petunias are annuals. If you leave them out for the winter they will die. Usually by the end of the summer they are too leggy and should be disposed of.
Reply:Petunias are annuals, which mean they do not winter over. When they have expired, just plant some new seeds.
Reply:no not unless you take them in
Reply:Petunias are perennials that are usually grown as annuals.

I have white petunias flowering in my garden in California right now that I planted LAST spring!! So I KNOW that they will come back the second year!!

I don't know if they will take REALLY cold weather, like snow. Here is what I did: the petunias were in a pot that I have in full sun. I pinched them back in late winter and fed them in early spring. I kept them well watered if there wasn't any rain.

Good Luck!!
Reply:Petunia plants only last till the frost hits. Pinch them back when you plant so they don't get leggy.
Reply:yes if u bring em inside during the winter months and water like once a month till spring.. they just might survive! I'm trying it this year. I have some good colored plants i'd like to save! good luck!
Reply:If you're asking if they will come back next spring, they will not because they're annual. If you just want to plant them for the summer, they love lots of sun. When the flowers die, pull them off the plant. You'll get more blooms that way.


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